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Micron Plating

Our contract micron plating services include options such as Yellow micron plating, Yellow micron plating (18 K), Rose Micron and Silver Micron plating. These options offer the opportunity to change the color of the products in accordance with the tastes and expectations of our customers. In particular, Yellow micron plating and Yellow micron plating (18 K) options make your products look more luxurious and valuable. Rose Micron plating option gives your products a more romantic and elegant look. Silver Micron plating gives your products a more sophisticated and modern look.

Yellow micron plating: Durable and hard plating tour. It is applied in 3-5 microns.

Yellow micron plating (18 K): 18 alloy high micron plating process. It is applied up to 15-20 microns.

Rose Micron : It is a plating that improves the quality and extends the life of rose platings. Applied up to 10 microns.

Silver Micron: White shiny and hard plating type. Applied up to 30 microns.